Decorative art metal sculpture suspended from the ceiling
Top Job 2016 – Bronze
Top Job 2016 – Bronze

Top Job 2016 – Bronze



    This sculpture resembles a kelp bed as seen from below; organic shapes with glass “bubbles” and bits of flotsam, suspended placidly overhead.

    At the start, the architect had a clear idea of what was wanted, but not quite how to get there.  After reviewing a number of paper mock-ups the parameters were set.  Each piece of “kelp” was hand-cut from nickel silver and formed into a shallow, flowing dish that curves back on itself.  The pieces are either mirror polished or hand-rubbed satin, over the subtly hammered faces.

    It was challenging to mount these irregular pieces to the suspension grid without losing the natural form or revealing the structural members.  Another trial was to install anchors in the curving, slanted ceiling, in such a way that the stainless-steel cables would hang plumb.